Hello, I’m so glad you want to know more about me.

I grew up in a small Indiana town; sock hops, hayrides, Friday night basketball. My family was normal in every way except we left milk out for the fairies on the full moon. I learned the magic of medicinal plants from my mother.  She had a tea for every aliment and a little fairy lore for every tea. Whilst most of our neighbors were out trying to eradicate their dandelions we were gathering ours for salad. My  mother is definetly the inspiration for my fairy stories.

My favorite color is yellow, I think peanut butter is the most versatile food on the planet and I’ve watched The Long Long Trailer, starring Lucille Ball, about 300 times. I have a dirty, dog eared, taped together copy of Watership Downs on my book shelf that I consider comfort food but with fewer calories. Oh ya, and I never met a pair of shoes I didn’t like, well almost never.

Enough about me, now. I would love to hear something about you. I welcome your comments  or you can just send me a tweet.


Beatrix Potter wrote the enduring and much loved tales of Peter Rabbit. Listen and follow along as I read A Tale of Benjamin Bunny for StoryTime.


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